6 T-Shirts For People Who Love Dogs

We're all familiar with the idea of dogs being man's best friend but that popular saying really doesn't tell the whole story. In truth, dogs are often woman's best friend, babies best friend, your best friends best friend and on some rare occasions even cats best friend. Dogs will love you unconditionally, they'll be excited to see you come home every single day and they'll provide hour upon hour of entertainment without even realising it.

You can never have too many ways of showing your dog the appreciation they deserve and there are times where you may even feel the urge to scream it from the rooftops. However, in the interests of public harmony and keeping noise complaints to a minimum, we've made a little list of t-shirts for dog lovers instead. Wear them with pride and show the world how much your doggo means to you, without the risk of a public disturbance charge.

1. My Dog Is Cuter Than Yours T-Shirt

Pretty self explanatory, this t-shirt was designed with for those with dogs of superior beauty. As the owner of such a member of the canine species you deserve your own share of the credit. In many ways your'e their agent, manager, nutritionist and beautician all in one. With that being said it's only right that you let every passer by know about the work you've put in and the stellar results you've been able to achieve.

2. I Just Wanna Play T-Shirt

Picture the scenario. You're having a whale of a time, frolicking around the park on a warm Sunday afternoon enjoying a wonderful game of Frisbee ball. Out of nowhere comes a monstrous beast of a dog, virtually blocking out the sun and bounding full speed with only you in his sights. You see your entire life flash before your eyes and with good reason too. As you close your eyes and say your final prayers, regretting the fact that you've met your end without getting your affairs in order, you're brought back to reality with five reassuring words. "he just wants to play!" You open your eyes and look down at the snarling beast, still not convinced but admittedly still completely unscathed. We've all been there, especially in the earlier years of life when a moderately sized German Shepherd looks seems more like a Mongolian wolf.

Now, as traumatising as this story may seem from the human point of view, imagine being to dog in this scenario. Unable to initiate any spontaneous playtime on account of your terrifying appearance. What kind of dog life is a life without being able to play with complete strangers? This t-shirt goes out to all the misunderstood pups and their loving owners.

 3. Goodboy T-Shirt

Good boys must be informed of their good boy status at every possible opportunity in order to keep the good boy behaviour flowing at full capacity. Any competent dog owner knows this. The best thing about the Goodboy T-Shirt is it lets everyone around you know how good your boy is, taking the praise beyond the confines of your household. The second best thing about the Goodboy T-Shirt is the fact that it's a play on the Playboy logo, everyone loves a t-shirt that makes people say "ah I get it, nice 😏" 

4. I Bark And I Chew Things T-Shirt

No matter how much you love your canine fur baby, you'll know that they have the potential for mass destruction in the household. Toilet rolls, shoes, pillows, nothing is safe. Combine this with the famous quote from Tyrion Lannister in Game of Thrones season 6 episode 2 and you have a match made in heaven. For those whose residence is located beneath a large rock and have somehow not seen it (just messing it's perfectly fine to not have seen GoT) the quote is, "that's what I do, I drink and I know things". The modified version of this quote embodies the canine spirit perfectly and makes for a great gift for any dog loving Game of Thrones fan.

5. I let The Dogs Out T-Shirt

This one's mainly for the 90's kids out there, referring to the ridiculously popular song by the Baha Men released in the year 2000 entitled "Who let the dogs out" in which these five words are repeated over and over (and over) again. Despite the repetition of this accusatory question throughout the duration of the track, we are no closer to an answer by the time the song finishes. What's worse is that 20 years on from the incident we are still no closer to finding the culprit. This t-shirt has been designed as somewhat of a final attempt to solve this mystery, allowing the offenders to step forward without the need for a formal statement.

6. Je Suis Frenchie T-Shirt

Dogs seem to get a bad wrap when it comes to their intelligence and sure, they do engage in questionable activities from time to time their inability to explain themselves verbally puts them at a great disadvantage. We like to believe that behind all that tail chasing, reflection fighting and vacuum cleaner phobia is a great mind with plenty to share. This t-shirt embodies the hidden class of the doggo race, showing the unseen layers of culture possessed by the humble french bulldog.

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