7 T-Shirts For People Who Think About Food 24/7

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Ah, food. What can be said about food that hasn't already been said? We need it it survive, sure, but it's way more than just a means to an end (or to avoid an end for that matter). Food can be art, it can bring people together and it can be a frequent source of immense happiness.

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Case in point, this image displaying eight perfectly assembled burgers fills my heart with intense joy and I'm willing to bet I'm not the only one. For many of us all it takes is a simple image like this one to send our brain spiralling out into a mini food fantasy, losing all awareness of our surroundings. For some of us however, these episodes can come out of nowhere, totally unprompted and completely uncontrollable. These people practically think about food 24/7, planning meals and concocting weird and wonderful combinations, salivating spontaneously on public transport. We all know someone who fits the description, this list is dedicated to them all, wherever they are.

1. I Just Eat T-Shirt

For many of us, the one and only downfall of food is that it cannot be simply summoned out of thin air. There is something called "cooking" and if for any reason you lack the skill or patience to partake in this activity efficiently, your food consumption goals can often be negatively impacted. But all is not lost, for in step the guardian angels of the non-cooking food addicts - the fast food delivery services. In this day and age we are spoilt for choice with options to receive all manner of delights from our favourite restaurants, all without moving a muscle. This t-shirt pays tribute to all the people who take full advantage of this modern day luxury. They don't cook, they don't even leave the house, they just eat.

2. Bring Me Cake T-Shirt

Nothing makes you feel more like royalty than having desserts brought to your side at the drop of a hat. For many people, the first thing that comes to mind is a thick, decadent slice of cake. For some, the prevailing though extends to an entire cake in all its glory, no slices required. Whichever one of these categories you fall into, none can argue that there is ever a bad time for cake to be introduced into the equation.

3. Bring Me Pizza T-Shirt

The savoury cousin of the bring me cake t-shirt, the bring me pizza version captures the imagination of those who have their minds more often occupied by a different type of sliced food wheel. It's very difficult to find someone who simply doesn't like pizza but its very easy to find someone who wouldn't mind being brought pizza out of the blue. "If you're reading this it's not too late (to bring me pizza)", with the versatility of pizza consumption we'd even argue that the message is even more relevant in this case. There's lunch pizza, dinner pizza, party pizza, munchies pizza, dessert pizza and of course the world renowned morning after the night before pizza. It's always pizza o'clock, the more people who are made aware of this the better. 

4. Will Trade Hugs For Chocolate T-Shirt

Chocolate is a serious business. Let's not even get into the fact that it's a $100 billion industry, for many people around the world chocolate is quite simply the meaning of life. There are people out there who won't even leave the house without making sure they have some form of chocolatey treat on their person and it's safe to say these are the same people who go above and beyond to make sure their chocolate supply never runs dry. For these people a hugs in exchange for chocolate contract would make 100% sense, all that's missing is for willing participants to present themselves.

5. If I Can't Eat It I Don't Want It T-Shirt

If you're one of those people who has food on the brain 24/7 then it's safe to say you don't appreciate having your time wasted with non edible trinkets. For you, the quest for delicious treats is an unrelenting one, with no room for distractions. Those who support this quest shall be praised highly but those who provide any source of obstruction whatsoever shall be punished accordingly. The message is short and to the point, "if I can't eat it I don't want it", it serves as a preliminary warning for all potential time wasters.

6. Thicker Than A Snicker T-Shirt

Thick thigh do indeed save lives, I've seen it happen on many an occasion and it's a joy to behold. So too do chocolate bars, in particular the glorious Snickers bar. That being said, it only makes sense for these things to be openly celebrated, praised and held in high esteem amongst our communities. Whether you are personally thicker than a snicker yourself or just happen to know someone who is, we urge you to take this opportunity to spread this incredibly important message.

7. You Wanna Pizza Me? T-Shirt

Combine puns and pizza and what do you get? That's absolutely correct, a bloody fun time. But that doesn't mean pizza is anything to joke around about, mess with a pizza lover's pizza and who knows what might happen next? This t-shirt serves as fair warning, a statement of intent from the aggressively passionate pizza aficionado. 

So there we have it, a few t-shirts for the foodoholics in your life. For more, non food related t-shirts be sure to check out TEES:UNLMTD


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