8 T-Shirts For People Who Are Obsessed With Emojis

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If a picture is worth a thousand words, an emoji is worth at least a few hundred. Emojis can be used to express a myriad of emotions and can totally transform the meaning of a sentence or message. The emoji aficionados out there will be all too familiar with this concept but for anyone who seems sceptical we've included a simple little example below.

1. "OMG you're the worst."

2. "OMG you're the worst 😏"

In example number 1 we can only assume that the person is question is quite literally the worst, the reason for which we are unsure but that is also none of our business. In example 2, the inclusion of the 😏 emoji leads us to believe that the person being addressed is far from "the worst" and is most likely on the verge of being on the receiving end of some NSFW activities. We'll allow you to fill in the blanks on that one.

Now that the mini emoji lecture is over and we can all appreciate emojis for the revolutionary literary device that they are, we can now move on to the people out there who are quite literally obsessed with emojis and would happily do away with conventional letters and words altogether. Sure, they mean well but what are we supposed to think when we receive a text like the one below?



Believe it or not, we have no idea what this person means but we don't judge. For many people emojis are life and that's why we've made a little list of t-shirts that emoji junkies might appreciate.

1. Big Yuck T-Shirt

We wouldn't exactly describe this one as a t-shirt for the fainthearted but then again the fainthearted only account for 12% of the population (don't fact check that). Featuring a huge puking emoji, this t-shirt will suit anyone who has reached the point where they are simply sick of everything

2. Starstruck T-Shirt

Pretty much the opposite of the previous one, the starstruck t-shirt is for all the dreamers out there. The optimists, the freedom fighters, the revolutionaries (you get the point). This t-shirt features a huge starry eyes emoji, for anyone whose outlook on life is just spectacularly positive.

3. Cashtastic T-Shirt

Nothing symbolises wealth like a massive dollar sign made up of tiny 🤑 emojis. Anyone caught wearing the Cashtastic t-shirt will immediately be identified by all passers by as a certified member of the upper echelons of society. A person possessing immense riches who should be shown the utmost respect at all times

4. Peach VS Aubergine

Maybe you call it an aubergine, maybe you call it an eggplant. At the end of the day we are all too familiar with the powerful image that is the 🍆 emoji. So much meaning, so suggestive yet so innocent and is only rivalled by the legendary 🍑 emoji. Who knew two pieces of vegan friendly food could become such symbols of debauchery?

5. Lit-Tee

It's lit, that's lit, I'm lit, let's get lit, it's what the kids are saying right now and it's all the rage. Something which has been classified as lit can be awarded the mark of a solitary 🔥 emoji, a symbol of excellence, if you will. So with that being said, what could possibly be a stronger indication of litness than a huge 🔥 emoji made out of hundred of tiny 🔥 emojis? The answer is nothing, there is nothing more lit than that.

6. Keep it 100 T-Shirt

Just like the 🔥emoji, the 💯 emoji can be used to describe something of immense greatness but unlike the 🔥 emoji the 💯 has the potential for mathematical applications. Sure, the 🔥 lets us know that something is awesome but just how awesome is it? It could be anywhere between 80-100% awesomeness and sometimes that ambiguity just ain't gonna cut it. With the 💯 emoji we know exactly where we stand. Keeping it 100 is a common term for keeping it 100% real and it can't possibly get any realer than (yes you guessed it) a huge 💯 emoji made up of tiny 💯 emojis - revolutionary

7. Mind blown T-Shirt

One of my personal favourites, the mind blown or 🤯 emoji says way more than any collection of letters could. Perfect for those OMFG moments where OMFG just won't do the moment full justice. Collect a bunch of 🤯 emojis and shape them into a massive exclamation mark and well, you've just got yourself the biggest OMFG that money can buy.

8. Hmmmm T-Shirt

Another personal favourite of mine, the hmmm or 🤔 emoji is a superstar when it comes to versatility. On one occasion it could mean "that's a very interesting way to look it, I had never considered that" and on another it could be gentle way of saying "I don't think your brain is functioning properly". Either way, just look at the amount of typing it saves. A giant question mark made out of 🤔 emojis? Yes please, put it in with the rest thank you very much indeed.

So there we have it, 8 t-shirts for emoji junkies. Granted, most of use emojis but few of us are so crazy about them that we'd dare wear them out in public. To the daredevils in question we say more power to you. For other, non emoji related funny t-shirts, go ahead and check out TEES:UNLMTD



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